The X Factor Production Team will be attending a Talent night held at the Club on Friday 20th April – Doors open 6.30pm onwards.

The night will be filmed and then passed to TV Executives, please note you will not be judged on your performance. The Production team will take all the forms and contact anyone they think they want to go further in the competition.
We welcome any singer but you must be over 14 to enter the talent show. You must fill in this entry form in full and we will contact you usually via text initially with a performance time as soon as we have received your music. You must arrive 30 minutes before your time and enter via the Snooker Room Entrance and register that you are here.

You must be over 14 + to apply to Audition

Audience Members Welcome – Door Entry is £2 for Adults & £1 Children – Doors open 6.30pm , auditions start 7.30pm

Children must be over 8 years old and be accompanied at all times by an Adult

We ask for audience to be courteous at all times and respect the acts on stage for Auditions as they will be filmed live by producers of the show.

Music is pre-loaded before the night to ensure everything is tested before your performance making the night run more smoothly as we will have a lot of performers to get through.
All music is preferred on a USB or CD clearly labelled with your name and instructions on access to the song you require. We will ring is there are any problems. All Music must be brought in or sent to the club by FRIDAY 13th APRIL

Anyone who does not meet the deadline will be asked to bring their music on the night and we will put as many people on stage as possible up to Midnight after the allotted time slots.

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