pro-sport range

CBD has many health and wellbeing benefits. In the world of health and fitness, many sports people and professional athletes are turning to CBD products to help maintain a high level of performance. Athletes are finding many benefits from the use of CBD which include maximum recovery from workouts. We use a THC free product which enables our Professional athletes to use and enjoy our GrapeHealth products with comfort knowing THC is extracted. CBD is not on the World Anti – Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list, while THC is.

We are all familiar with the infamous ‘runner’s high,’ that magical feeling of hard-earned bliss and contentment that washes over you after an intense bout of exercise.

Interestingly, the cause for this euphoria is not due entirely to endorphins, as once thought, but is in part due to anandamide – a fatty acid neurotransmitter that is almost identical to THC. Anandamide is detectable at elevated levels after a workout.

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